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M A T T H E W   K L A N E       from  H I G H   W A T E R M A R K   S A L O [O] N  volume 2 number 1



operation “murky grid”
interlocking directorates
indoctrinate the

  sing soft
take the edge
make me talk
like a steady-speaking
insert the word
  me -- muckraker
me -- off the record
me -- low-key
me -- at my meekest


Sequence of Events (Synaesthesia)

  K L A N E' S   Artistic Statement from  M K    U L T R A
Make text. Milk and Kahlua. I sing slow and soft. I sing the word “mulch.” 
I sing the words “culture shock.” I shake like a cocktail tray.

re: Mockingbird | Sequence of Events
Mockingbird: a Cold War CIA operation meant to co-opt the American media. Mocking-
bird: don’t say a word. Mockingbird: take edge, make talk, muckrake, at meek. Mocking-
bird: murky grid, interlock, low-key. Mockingbird, divide the text into blocs (top down, 
bottom’s up). Mockingbird: talking bird, talk talk talk.
Sequence of Events: sectors, directorates, experiments on “me.” Read the tenses simul-
taneously. Speaking, spoken, spine, soft. Sequence, murky, spy, meekest. Read: on/off 
theory of consciousness. Read: on/off the record. The word “Order” and the word 
“Agency.” Insert “I”: ultimate insider. “I”: monolithic conspiracy.

Synaesthesia: one type of operation evokes the sensation of another. See the word “syringe” 
and feel “pinprick.” Syringe, sensation, grid sing. To sing is to confess, upon interrogation. 
That’s a sinister definition: come clean, urgents news, realtime quotes, me, me, me, me. Sing 
into the mike. The minister is leading the purge.




Matthew Klane is co-editor at Flim Forum Press (flimforum.com). His latest chapbooks include: The- Associated Press, Sorrow Songs, and Friend Delighting the Eloquent. Other work can be found in: wordfor/word, Plantarchy, and string of small machines. Also see: The Meister-Reich Experiments, an evolving hypertext, at housepress.org. He currently lives and writes in Albany, New York.